With his guitar, Alberto Fernández went to Chapadmalal to spend the long weekend

After emotionally leading for the last time the Tedeum for the anniversary of the May Revolution in the Metropolitan Cathedral, the president Alberto Fernandez went to the residence of chapadmalal to spend the long weekend. He arrived with his guitarto Mar del Plata on the presidential plane minutes before Cristina Kirchner give his speech in Plaza de Mayo.

The national president landed at 2:38 p.m. at the Astor Piazzolla airport in Mar del Plata and then moved to Chapadmalal where he will spend the long weekend with his family. In the video released by Natalia Duhalde from the agency telam he is seen coming down with his guitar. A little less than an hour later, the vice president began her speech in a packed Plaza de Mayo.

Previously, Fernández had denied being upset or angry at not having been invited to the May 25 event for the 20th anniversary of Néstor Kirchner’s inauguration.

“It is a very special May 25 for me. It is the last of this term, which is why I celebrate it as special. Every May 25 they call us to rethink ourselves as a society,” said the president.

Alberto Fernández at the Tedeum. PHOTO: Pablo Cuartorolo

In brief statements given to journalists accredited at Casa Rosada, the head of state also referred to the anniversary of the inauguration of the man from Santa Cruz as President: “20 years ago we entered this Government House with Néstor and I cannot stop remembering it. I remember of every detail and the memory moves me”.

It is a day that should call us to the unitto meet, to reflect, to understand that we have problems to overcome, problems that multiply, such as the case of the drought that makes everything so difficult for the country’s economy, but we have to be able to be together and achieve the objectives that we have to achieve,” he said.

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And said: “We all have to be in the Plaza recording Néstor because Néstor unites us“.

When asked if he will participate in the act in the Plaza de Mayo, Alberto Fernández replied: “I will not be in Buenos Aires. When I finish (the Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral) I am leaving: I have my family in Chapadmalal“.

Finally, when asked if he felt isolated, upset or angry for not having been invited to take part in the act, the President replied: “For nothing. Let’s not look for a title for us to fight. Today we have to be more united than ever.”

Alberto Fernández in the Tedeum 20230525
Alberto Fernández at the Tedeum accompanied by his Cabinet. PHOTO: Pablo Cuartorolo

The emotion of the last Tedeum by Alberto Fernández

Subsequently, the President starred in his last Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral, within the framework of the historic national date of May 25.

He made it excited and surrounded by his top ministers, including Sergio Massa (Economy), Santiago Cafiero (Foreign Relations and Worship) and Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro (Interior), with whom they shared a breakfast in the previous

“I will keep this wonderful Tedeum in my soul forever,” he expressed in the framework of the religious celebration that he shared with the head of the City Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaand Buenos Aires officials, among them the pre-candidates to succeed him Jorge Macri and Fernán Quirós.

Alberto Fernández in the Tedeum 20230525
Alberto Fernández at the Tedeum. PHOTO: Pablo Cuartorolo

For the first time since attending, he thought about taking the floor to reveal that he kept a constant dialogues with Pope Franciswho “never stopped helping whenever Argentina needed it”, and to ask for unity.

In the first line, Cafiero, De Pedro, Massa and Agustín Rossi (Chief of Staff) listened attentively. Some banks behind, were Victoria Tolosa Paz (Social Development), Martín Soria (Justice), Gabriel Katopodis (Social Development), Jorge Taiana (Defense), Tristán Bauer (Culture), Diego Giuliano (Transportation), Kelly Olmos (Labor ), Santiago Maggioti (Territorial Development and Habitat).

Without greeting Larreta and any of the Buenos Aires ministers, he left the Metropolitan Cathedral after 40 minutes of prayer, and he asked to walk back to Casa Rosada, even though a car was waiting for him to take himreplicating the same way in which he arrived, surrounded by his officials.

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In a brief dialogue, the president told Major Colonel Alejandro Guglielmi, head of the Military House and in charge of the security operation that he would walk the blocks that separated him from the Government House.

In the square, the columns that await Vice President Cristina Kirchner, the only speaker at the event organized by forces that support her, 20 years after the rise of Néstor Kirchner to the Government, crowded at the entrance.

With their backs to the Tedeum, they mobilized towards the heart of the square, where the stage is located, with its batucadas and flags.

Around the press pen, some separate flags of the “Parte” party that responded to the President were present to witness his last religious celebration.

MAY 25 SQUARE 20230525
Cristina Kirchner in the act of May 25. PHOTO: Pablo Cuartorolo

The preview in Rosada, the greeting with the ministers and the request for unity

In the run-up to the celebration, the President shared a chocolate with cupcakes with a large part of his Cabinet, who had few absences with prior notice. He arrived alone at Government House, where a limited delegation made up of Fernando “El Chino” Navarro and diplomat Pablo Tettamanti were waiting for him, whom he did not even see.

With a serious look and a firm step, he gave a V-shaped salute and went to his office. Minutes later, Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca arrived, and a little later a smiling Wado de Pedro, a backpack on his shoulder and dressed in jeans and a light blue shirt that he later changed into a solemn blue suit.

Ayelén Mazzina (Women, Gender and Diversity); Carla Vizzotti (Health) and Daniel Filmus (Science and Technology) expected their absence due to schedule incompatibilities, but found Matías Lammens (Transport) and Jaime Perczyk (Education) missing.

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