With the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, the Government seeks to save US$ 2 billion


On Independence Day, the Government will inaugurate the President Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline in the Buenos Aires city of Salliqueló.

According to official calculations, the work will save some US$2 billion in gas imports this year and another US$3.8 billion in 2024.

The total cost of the work is estimated at US$ 1,850 million.

To reach its final completion, the installation of two compression plants that are in progress must be completed, the cost of which will amount to approximately US$ 250 million, and other complementary works along the route of the existing gas pipelines.

The new gas pipeline will transport some 11 million cubic meters per day (approximately 7.3% of the total transported at this time of year); and when its compressors are in operation, towards the last quarter of the year, it will increase to some 21 million m3/d, equivalent to 14% of the demand.

It is planned to carry out a set of complementary works that include a second stage of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, which will link Salliqueló with San Jerónimo in the province of Santa Fe, with an extension of 521 km and a total cost of about US$ 2,000. millions.

The plan foresees a refunctionalization of the Gasoducto del Norte, which links the deposits of Bolivia and the Argentine Northwest basin with the Greater Buenos Aires-Litoral region.

It also includes a set of works and adaptations that will make it possible to change the direction of the flow of natural gas that currently originates in Bolivia and in the deposits of the Northwest Basin. Among them, a link between the Gasoducto Centro Oeste and the Gasoducto del Norte through the La Carlota-Tío Pujio gas pipeline, and several parallel sections of the Gasoducto del Norte with a total estimated cost of US$ 600 million.

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