Without prior announcement, the oil companies brought forward the rise in gasoline by a week


Accustomed to the price update agreed with the Government of 4.5% per month Be applied near the middle of the month, users found that prices rose to zero today.

The oil companies anticipated a week the increase of the 4.5% in their prices and who were the service stations were surprised. The naphtha values ​​were last updated on June 17.

The new rise in gasoline was a Agreement between the Ministry of Energy and the oil companies. The previous increases They were always on the 15th of each month, but this time it was brought forward a few days.

The fuel increase was brought forward a week

This is the 31st rise so far in the management of Alberto Fernández, and was led by YPF, with the idea of ​​setting a reference value in the market and limiting other companies so that prices cannot skyrocket. The oil companies point out that for a long time they have registered a loss of profitability, mainly due to inflation, low consumption and readjustment of prices that are too low for their needs.

There was a behind the scenes fire between Massa and the oil companies due to the 4.5% rise in gasoline

“Undoubtedly it hit us all by surprise. This Friday night we received a notification that there was an increase for all fuels of 4.5% and at the country level, and for all brands”, indicates to Argentine News the representative of the Chamber of Service Stations of the Northeast of the country, Faruk Jaraf.

Although the percentage increase was widespread and the same throughout the country, the final prices present some differences in the provinces, according to the district.


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