Zuleta on the trial of the Court: “The important thing is not the votes but the political message that you want to give”


With the backing of once PJ governors, Alberto Fernández advances at his crossroads against the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSJN). However, the initiative does not have the necessary votes to move forward.

In this context, the team Reprofile yesand communicated with the political analyst Ignacio Zuletawho spoke about the president’s initiative against the supreme court and its political background.

“The electoral campaign is already underway and in the ruling party they have isolation as a strategy and the district towards Buenos aires city”, assured Ignacio Zuleta, who later completed: “The strategy is to take funds from Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and that is why he goes against the CSJN.”

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For the interviewee: “You have to read it not as a judicial issue but as something exclusively political and related to the electoral campaign”. “The confrontation of politics against justice did not start now, the attack of politics on justice is a common place.”

The important thing is the political message that you want to give and it has nothing to do with the number of votes there are,” said the analyst. “It is not a personal fight of the president, but it is something of the vice president and the whole of the ruling party against Justice,” he finished.

Finally, ignacio zuleta He said that there is currently a war between justice and politics in many countries of the world and that this “It is part of political life.

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