A promotion footballer was expelled for urinating in the middle of the game


Undoubtedly, in the game they played last night argentine de merlo and Takes sparks One of the most unprecedented events in Argentine soccer took place that will surely be on the end of the year sports specials: A footballer was expelled from promotion for urinating in the middle of the game.

Leonel Ovejero, The young 21-year-old soccer player who works for the Merlo institution, saw the red card for not containing the desire to go to the bathroom and pee in the middle of the playing field. This was announced by referee Felipe Viola’s assistants, who had to throw him out of the match.

the player of Banfield which is on loan in argentine de merlo He was incredulous about the situation and took his head reproaching his decision to urinate in the middle of the game, which earned him the expulsion and left his team with 10 players with 10 minutes to go until the end of the game.

“The fourth official reports that he was expelled for urinating on the playing field,” he confirmed. mariana callsthe journalist who was on the playing field. “Always give me the promotion”complete between laughs Ezequiel Fretesmeeting commentator.

Argentino de Merlo occupies the penultimate place after adding only 2 points in 4 games while Sacachispas accumulates 3 points in 3 presentations.

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