A Uruguayan media model was arrested for accompanying a man who trafficked cocaine to Spain


The media model and exact Uruguayan porn, Mia Etcheverriawas arrested while escorting to the airport Montevideo to a group of people, together with a man who tried to traffic 6.5 kilos of cocaine to Spain. The Prosecutor charged her as co-author and ordered pretrial detention.

While doing routine checks at the airport, on Saturday, June 24, the Uruguayan police found a possible risk profile, so they decided to check the luggage of a 29 year old man. As a result, he got his two suitcases They had a double bottom, in which he hid six plates of substance powdered.

The young woman was charged as a co-author, although she was not the one who would board the plane to Madrid

The prosecutor in the case cristina falcomertold to The country that Etcheverría was accompanying the man who was traveling to Madrid, but it was not she who would board the plane. In any case, said the magistrate, there are elements to infer the stake of the model in the preparation of the crime. total, five people were charged for this case.

Falcomer warned that the shortened Justice 90 days of preventive prison for all involved. The case is still in the investigation phase to determine new responsibilities, but the Directorate for the Repression of Illicit Drug Trafficking verified that the passenger tried to traffic, on his trip to Madrid, 6.5 kilos of cocaine.

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The statement from the Ministry of the Interior adds that, after detecting the man’s charge, police personnel detained three women, ages 26, 27, and 36, and another 35-year-old man, toward the inspection room. To the detainees 900 euros and four cell phones were also seized.

Who is Mía Etcheverría?

Mía Etcheverría’s real name is camila navarrohas 27 years and is from Las Piedras, a city of Canelones, as published The Observer. He was one of the first figures in divas tva uruguayan sign of pornographic content which became a streaming platform.

Echeverria was a partner of the former striker ricardo morales48 years old, with whom has two daughters. After the arrest, the soccer player published a statement in which he informed that, despite the fact that they are separated, he will bear the costs of the defendant’s legal defense.

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Etcheverría was one of the first figures of Divas TV

On Saturday, June 24, Etcheverría was arrested and remains in pretrial detention for the crime of attempting to export narcotic substances. do lawyer, paul housesin an interview of Channel 4, stated that his client did not plan to travel with those bags. According to him, her role was to help the 29 year old man to buy the tickets and accompany him to the airport.

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etcheverria “I didn’t know the contents of the suitcases”, insists on his lawyer. “The conclusions that she would have collaborated, that she was aware of the content and what she did was pass those bags, are errors. For now, the fact is confusing,” Casas said.


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