Córdoba insisted on the request for the elimination of withholdings to regional economies


On behalf of the Provincial Government, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Eduardo Accastelloparticipated in the act that took place last Friday in the city of Villa María, headed by the Minister of Economy, sergio masawithin the presentation of the program “Impulso Tambero”.

The national government recently announced an aid program for dairy farmers in the Cordoba town, where Accastello stressed that “the dairy sector in our Province is one of the chains that most represents the development of production and industrialization.”

“For Córdoba, the dairy is a regional economy that has a high impact on the creation of genuine work,” added the official.

In this sense, Accastello reiterated that he must declare dairy as a regional economy And regarding the program presented, he stated the following: “This initiative is a palliative for four months that assists producers at a critical moment, not only due to the macroeconomics that has been coming for many years, but especially, due to the drought and this change in prices. regarding the feeding of animals as a consequence of the soybean dollar”.

“For many years we have been waiting for a dairy agenda in Argentina that contemplates planning and forecasting in the medium and long term, which is why we ask for the Elimination of withholdings on cheeses and powdered milk what will allow higher exports that they are going to bring foreign currency and that they are going to guarantee a good price also in the internal market”, explained Accastello.

The Cordovan minister highlighted, despite the importance of advancing in the draft law in relation to the need for the formation of regional economiesbecause without a doubt, “for the 2,750 dairy farms that Córdoba has, the dairy is a regional economy that supplies the internal market and the international market.”

Present at the meeting were the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation, Juan Jose Bahillothe mayor of Villa María, Martín Gill; Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture from other provinces; provincial and national legislators, mayors and members of cooperatives and organizations in the dairy sector.

program initiative

This program was designed to improve the profitability of 79% of the country’s producers and producersgranting a fixed sum in pesos per liter of milk for four months, according to two strata: Those who have marketed up to 1,500 liters per day will receive $15 per liter and those who have marketed between 1,501 and 5,000 liters per day will receive $10 per liter .

Meeting with the Peanut Chamber in General Deheza

On the other hand, Minister Eduardo Accastello participated together with Juan José Bahillo in a meeting with the members of the Peanut Chamber, in the General Deheza Industrial Park.

On the occasion, the Minister of Industry confirmed to the national official the need to eliminate retentions in peanuts and that production is framed as a regional economy.


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