The complete guide to the First National: System, promotions and relegations

A new edition of the First National It will go live from this Friday. Deportivo Moron and almagro will kick off the second division of Argentine soccer starting at 9:10 p.m., televised by DirecTV. Minutes later, Students from Rio Cuarto and San Martin from Tucuman will measure forces against each other through the display of Sports Tyc.

The First National will have two zones

In the Second division 37 teams will participate divided into two zones (one of 19 teams and another of 18), with round-trip matches.

Zone A: Flandria, Alvarado, Board of Trustees, Estudiantes (Río Cuarto), Defensores de Belgrano, Güemes (Santiago del Estero), San Telmo, Defensores Unidos, Deportivo Morón, Almirante Brown, Guillermo Brown (Puerto Madryn), Almagro, San Martín (Tucumán) , All Boys, Farming, Gymnastics (Mendoza), Temperley, San Martin (San Juan) and Nueva Chicago.

Zone B: Aldosivi, Chaco For Ever, Racing (Córdoba), Atlanta, Miter (Santiago del Estero), Brown de Adrogué, Villa Dálmine, Chacarita, Tristán Suárez, Deportivo Madryn, Estudiantes (BA), Gimnasia (Jujuy), Deportivo Riestra, Atlético de Rafaela, Independiente Rivadavia (Mendoza), Quilmes, Deportivo Maipú and Ferro.

How promotions are defined

The winners of Zone A and Zone B will face a unique match in a neutral stadium. The winner of this match will ascend directly to the professional league. The loser of this meeting, will be integrated into the zone of the reduced.

In the first phase of the Reducedto a single meeting with the best positioned at home, 2A-8B, 2B-8A, 3A-7B, 3B-7A, 4A-6B, 4B-6A and 5A-5B will face each other, leaving seven classifieds.

In the second phase, the loser of the final is added to the seven qualifiers, leaving eight teams and a general table is set up between both zones, taking into account for this purpose, firstly the position in their respective zone and then the average points compared (points are divided with games played), goal difference, goals scored or draw.

They will play in 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5 in round-trip matches in that second phase, the winners will be located in the general table playing 1-4 and 2-3 in the semifinals, as a local and visitor, the winners being the finalists for the second promotion to the only game on a neutral court.

How relegations are defined

The averages no longer apply in the First National and the last two of each zone will descend directly to the B Metropolitan. The penultimate ones of each group will face each other in a single match in a neutral stadium to define the third team that will drop in category.

How the first date is completed

Saturday: Patronato-Brown of (Puerto Madryn), at the Atlético Paraná field, at 5:00 p.m.; All Boys-New Chicago at 5:00 p.m.TyC); Alvarado-San Martín (SJ), at the José María Minella Stadium, at 20:45; and Defenders of Belgrano-Temperley, at 9:20 p.m. (TyC).

Sunday: Gymnastics (Mendoza)-Defensores Unidos and Almirante Brown-San Telmo, both at 5 pm, and Guemes-Agropecuario, at 6 pm. Free, Flandria.

Zone B will not start this week because it is made up of 18 teamsA has 19, therefore it has two more days that start earlier so that both finish on the same date for the definition of the contest.