Tired of their frustrated birthdays, Capricorns have formed a “union”

It may sound like a joke, however, for the almost 5,000 Instagram followers and 88,000 Facebook followers of the Capricorn Syndicate, it is not. For those born between December 22 and January 20, their birthdays can be a real challenge. They go through crucial dates like Christmas and New Year that prevent a celebration like birthdays. To this are added the vacations and outings of their loved ones who cannot attend these events either.

For this reason, and in order not to feel alone, they took advantage of this Instagram space where they declare that they are fighting for their rights to have at least one cake and two gifts on their birthdays. In their featured stories you can see different creations of the “anti cakes” and even their triumphs, which are neither more nor less than birthday celebrations for Capricorns who finally achieved the greatest right: to have a party.

The posts show different people who celebrate almost alone. One of them is the famous National Team player, Gonzalo Montiel, who celebrated his birthday with a kind of cake (toast) with candles. Outraged from the union they declared: “Not a world champion managed to escape the Capricorn curse of the anti-cakes.” The comments were added by hundreds. Messages of support and indignation such as: “By God it was evil… Doubtful number of candles on… a piece of toast? A piece of dry pudding? Not a guest, a balloon, something… a cake and two gifts , minimum, for you @gonzalo_montiel29 that you gave us so much joy”.

There are two groups within the entire union that are really having a hard time. These are those who were born on December 24 and 25 and those who came into the world between January 31 and 1. It is that for more family efforts that are made, it is almost impossible to attend a birthday on those dates, in addition to the fact that they are days where finding a salon or a baseball player is a real challenge. Thus these children grow accustomed to a shared greeting: between Christmas and their own birthdays and with little concurrence of gifts.

Before the pandemic, the Union held parties at the Niceto Clud, in Palermo, where a massive 1,000 Capricorns came to celebrate. Later, and thanks to the pages on the networks, the same partners were creating various celebrations.

The creator of this particular initiative is the cartoonist Javier “El Niño” Rodríguez, who had the original idea in 2013. “The fact that Jesus Christ is the most famous Capricorn is no excuse to confuse the Christmas gift with our birthday gift. That’s why the demand for two gifts”, he told Télam amused.

In the Union, many achieved the birthday celebration and show it off with pride. Some even declare that they were “10 guests” with real pride and as if to make it clear, the dream is possible.

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