Boca rescued a point against Unión de Santa Fe


Román Iutch analyzed the tie between Boca and Unión and said that it is necessary to review and improve the implementation of VAR to guarantee its effectiveness and avoid situations that generate doubts and controversy in Argentine football, in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Mouth I’m going through Santa Fe, but he didn’t do his best to play the game against Union accordingly, leaving the xeneizes fans Worried about another performance disappointing.

Even though the end result was a tasteless tie In front of the Union, some statements after the game caused surprise and concern among the followers of Boca. Some players highlighted the importance of scoring a point, which has generated doubts and questions from the fans.

It is important to remember that Boca faced a team that is in the leaderboard background and struggling to escape drop zone.

Although Union has shown some improvement since the arrival of Sebastian Mendez As a coach, it was expected that Boca, with the quantity and quality of individualities that it possesses, would offer a more interesting performance. However, in the match, except for sergio romero in the bow and Jorge Figal, none of the players rose to the occasion.

It arises then, in terms of the time that already takes Jorge Almiron as a coach, the question of what is the TRUE Boca, the committed and effective team that presents itself in the candy box or the one that shows a apathetic attitude and a game similar to that of previous stages. These unknowns must be resolved by Almirón through conversations with the group and work focused on improving.

In Santa Fe, Boca could not with Unión and ratified its confusing present

It is true that Boca has suffered a significant amount of injurieswhat has difficulty conforming once perfect of Almirón on several occasions. However, wearing the Boca shirt entails the responsibility of rise to the challengeespecially for those players who are also playing their continuity, since many contracts end at the end of the championship.

In summary, it shows a sum of factors that contribute to Boca’s poor performance: a coach with constant changes, a group of soccer players who fail to reach the expected level and an institution that, at times, seems more focused on what is happening across the street than on resolving their own problems. internal issues.

The diagnosis of Jorge Almiron after the game it was more descriptive than evaluative. It can be seen that behind closed doors, Almirón is very self-critical in conversations and exercises during training. He tries to immediately modify that it is clearly not being fulfilled according to his aspirations based on what he predicts that he can give his team.

After equality in Santa Fe, Nicolás Figal analyzed the performance that Boca had in the match

yesterday’s match at the Tatengue Stadium had, from journalistic analysis, two points clue. On the one hand, the focus was placed on the game in general, and on the other hand, on a specific play that ended up being a inflection point. It was when the referee, with the intervention of the assistant and the VAR, disallowed a goal of the Union player, claudio corvalán. This action appeared to all, since in a first image it could prefer outside the game, but when the camera stops, it becomes clear that Corvalán was enabled by nahuel valentini, one of Boca’s defenders.

Among the most important clarifications related to arbitration, it is necessary to clarify that Argentine soccer matches have the same amount of cameras available for VAR than for television broadcasts. Besides. Many Argentine stadiums, including Unión, do not have a precise location for the cameras, especially the offside one, which difficult to accurately establish the position of the player in question.

The look with which the VAR works, on many occasions, is in perspective. To get a perfect image, it would be necessary to place cameras next to each other on the sideline or use technology like the one used at the World Cup, applying a chip to the ball. But this requires a million-dollar investment that only the fifa.

Another complication is how the lines are drawn to determine if a player is in offside or not. In some cases, the software used in Argentine soccer is deficientprecarious and it is not updatedresulting in delays and uncertainty in VAR decisions.

Kily González criticized the VAR for the disallowed goal against Boca: “I don’t like being robbed”

There is only one thing worse than the absence of VAR, and that is that it exists and generate distrust, especially in a situation like this that was used in a factual play. Here there should be a precision on the part of the technology, it is an objective fact.

Now all that remains is the question of whether Federico Beligoy, the person in charge of Argentinian soccer arbitration, as on other occasions, will apologize. At this point and with so many errors in the VAR, it is worth considering the fact that there are a VAR in Argentina and there is a different one in the world. Ours is definitely malfunctioning.


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