Demichelis recovers several players to face Talleres


Martin Demichelis rewarded the squad with two days off after the win against mouth Juniors and just starting tomorrow they will resume work at the Ezeiza property, with their sights set on three players who ended up physically touched on Sunday.

The coaching staff will be very attentive to the physical evolution of nacho fernandez, Nicholas of the Cross and lucas beltranwho were left with some discomfort after the hard game against the eternal rival.

beltran he had set off the alarms mainly by having to request the change due to visible discomfort in the posterior, but fortunately for him and the millionairesIt was just a cramp. For his part, from the cross He finished the match with a muscular overload, but he could not leave the game because they had already exhausted the variants. Nacho He accused some muscular discomfort that would not be serious and will also be evaluated this Wednesday to determine if he will be able to say present next weekend.

The good news is that paulo diaz He is already in optimal conditions to return to the courts and will be part of those summoned to travel to Córdoba. Even if Demichelis He sees it fully footballingly, he has a chance to return to ownership.

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