Manes questioned Katopodis for the act of this Thursday

facundo manes and the Minister of Public Works, gabriel katopodis, they starred in a crossover on television during the preview of the act that will lead the vice president in Plaza de Mayo. Specifically, while the official downplayed the inmate and spoke about the achievements of the current administration, the radical leader and presidential candidate questioned her: “What are you celebrating?”.

“We have the same country project”Katopodis maintained before the consultation on the removal of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, and the absence of the president in the act of this Thursday, May 25, where the former president will be a speaker for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first government of Néstor Kirchner.

The officer assured that “people are in some anguish and with the aspiration to live better”, but also “They are convinced that this aspiration to live better will be better represented by Peronism than those who already governed the country and did it very badly”.

“The main thing when thinking about what Argentina has to do to get out, when thinking about what we want to do with this country, is that we are all standing in the same place”remarked the minister in two voices by All News (Tennessee) .

At that moment, the drivers of the program gave the floor to Manes, who replied: “I remind you that they governed 16 of the last 20 years in Argentina and there is more and more poverty, more insecurity, more unease, I see another country“.

Facundo Manes confirmed that he will be a presidential candidate

“There is no doubt that we see different countries, that we have two very different models of Argentina,” said Katopodis after recovering the floor and added: “We are not crazy. We know that there are problems, Argentina did not have a normal time, we they touched extraordinary times”.

“It is also true that last year they were Disney, they proposed that the ministries be divided up and the party was over, and we are competitive, we are strong. The Frente de Todos is going to be a very clear, very credible alternative for a a very important group of Argentines who are convinced,” said the official.

Argentina is in a chronic declineIf one sees the economic, educational, and social indices, I don’t see the country that the minister sees,” Manes retorted and insisted: “Besides, I see that They do not take responsibility for having governed sixteen of the last twenty yearsan amazing thing.”

Expectation for the presence of Massa in Plaza de Mayo: will he attend Cristina’s act?

“They want to continue governing, they have been governing for a long time, we are getting worse and worse and we do not recognize anything,” he claimed and redoubled the question: “Look at reality. There is an act. What are you celebrating? The 60% poverty of the children in the suburbs?child malnutrition?

In this regard, he continued: “What are you celebrating? The widespread corruption of so many years of Kirchnerism?The lack of a future for children who want to leave the country or vulnerable class children who leave the system? That teachers, doctors and nurses are still poor working?”

“I don’t know what they celebrate. Or yes. They celebrate a personalism that led us to this decline”sentenced the opposition deputy and concluded: “We Argentines lack a common model, a common destiny. We do not have a road map, a horrible layout of the country.”


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