The tremendous nudge in a Mendoza futsal match that sent a man to the hospital


In the middle of the senior tournament match Futsal Federation (FeFuSa) that corresponded to the semifinal of the Cup Delaware Gold Godoy Cruz and San Martin They faced each other to define the finalist of the contest.

He grave prevailed 4-2 and with seven minutes to go the outstanding event of the night appeared: the footballer jose loscoco applied a tremendous elbow to mariano jaurrieta. In full play you could see how loscoco was going to keep the position and possession of the ball, however the footballer Holy He did not live up to his team’s nickname and applied a devious blow to his rival.

jaurrieta he lost consciousness for a couple of minutes after the hard fall due to the blow caused. The truth is that he was referred to a hospital and had to be sewn with 5 stitches.

“He’s fine. Yesterday when he was transferred to the hospital he was better. They put five stitches because the head was cut 10 centimeters”, He commented on Jaurrieta’s health.

“He was unconscious for five minutes, then he began to feel better. If there were no doctors on site, anything could have happened because he lost a lot of blood. The doctors stopped the bleeding. The ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive,” said a leader of the grave.

The match was suspended after the serious incident and the fefusa will decide in the next few hours the sanction to the player jose loscoco who was the protagonist of this sad story.

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